• shawn storey friday video

    a brand new video every friday. duh.

    I sat and watched the entire OJ Simpson parole hearing yesterday in the home office in North Bend.

    OJ is absolutely fascinating to me.

    I can't wait to see what OJ does next. Kill more people possibly?


  • Big Brother 19

    It is the only reality show I watch.

    I have watched since season one, show one.

    06/30/2017 - My vote for the winner.

    From day one, I disliked: Alex, Josh, Cody, Megan and Elena.

    I have learned to really like Kevin but don't think he can go all the way.

    Josh of course is a ticking time bomb.

    Cody is the first HOH and also in a showmance, so bye-bye. NEVER be the first HOH people. Duh.
    Watching the live feeds, is Dominique even in the house?

    I feel horrible that Cameron went home early. Poor dude.

    My vote to win it all: Matthew Clines.


    Updates: Bye bye Megan. Bye bye Cody. Bye bye Dominique.


    07/22/2017: The moment they let Cody back into the game, I canceled my feeds and stopped watching. Cya.


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